Add Up All the Costs

The next step is to gather all the cost components up. Many prices you will already have at hand but some prices you may need to ask a local port agent. Our costs are:

Description Cost
Port Costs @ Houston USD 25,000
Port costs @ Moji USD 28,000
Canal fees @ Panama USD 40,756
Other expenses USD 3,000
Daily hire rate of vessel
USD 12,000 pdpr x 44 days
USD 528,000
Bunker Costs @ Sea
IFO380 x 30mt/day x USD 280/mt x 38 days
DO x 2mt/day x USD 487/mt x 38 days
USD 356,212
Bunker Costs @ Port
DO x 4mt/day x USD 487/mt x 6 days
USD 11,688
 USD 992,656


Here are a couple of tools to familiarize you with the above costs:

Panama canal costs:

Bunker prices

Given the total costs of USD 992,656, the breakeven freight rate would be USD 82.72/mt. I will not go into how much we should expect from our investments – I have decided to make my initial firm offer @ USD 100 pmt.

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