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Click on the vessel position for more details, including the contact details for the user that inserted the vessel position. Filter the vessel positions by using the search boxes below. Click on the column headers to sort the vessel positions.
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Vessel Position List
A VESSEL31 Arabian SeaJebel Ali 4410
General Cargo ShipArabian Sea2011-11-25 
A VESSEL36 South China SeaHuangpu20323
General Cargo ShipThe Gulf2011-11-12 
A VESSEL38 Micronesiarou0
BulkerSouth Africa2010-09-30 
A VESSEL35 Bay of BenegalTuticorin6699
BulkerSouth China Sea2010-09-18 
A VESSEL46 South AfricaRichards Bay17510
General Cargo ShipEast Coast US2010-10-02 
A VESSEL46 South AfricaRichards Bay17510
General Cargo ShipEast Coast US2010-08-13 
TBN31 Arabian SeaKARACHI30000
General Cargo ShipNorth Australia(+45)2010-08-05 
A VESSEL40 Japan Sea2859
BulkerJapan Sea2010-07-30 
A VESSEL6 Gulf of MexicoHouston0
General Cargo ShipEast Africa2010-06-27 
A VESSEL15 Brasil0
General Cargo ShipEast Coast US2010-01-26 
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