Corporate Profile

Company Name: Sailfish Inc
Established: Jan 1, 2018
Paid in Capital: Yen 5,000,0000
President Craig Evans
Main Bank: Mitsui Sumitomo
Fiscal Year: Jan 1 ~ Dec 31
Business: - Military Husbanding
- Liner Agency
- Tramp (Dry) Agency
- Chartering
- Brokering
- Logisitics
Main Phone: +81-50-5555-5555
Main Fax: +81-50-5555-5555

Sailfish grow very quickly... and can reach weights of up to 90kgs! They are the fastest fish in the ocean! Its fighting ability and spectacular aerial acrobatics, along with fast surface runs and agility, have established its reputation as a true figting fish in the sea. Their enormous sail running down the full length of their back keeps allows them to keep their focus on their direction. When sailfish hunt, they work in teams.

We are Sailfish Inc

The Sailfish's characteristics are embodied in Sailfish Inc. We are young, grow quickly, eager to succeed, fast and nimble and need an equally strong team in order to succeed. We are Sailfish Inc.

Our Vision

Sailfish Inc aims to be a leading independent ship agency in Japan and to set a new standard of personal service.

Our Mission

What we do?

We provide best-in-class intergrated maritime solutions to our esteemed clients and principals from port agency and chandling to stevedoring and port logistics in Japan.

How do we serve them?

We serve with the highest standards of quality, professional integrity and with innovative solutions.